Asking CH about removing entries

Just a heads up about asking CH’s if you should delete seen but unrated entries…I have seen in some cases where the contest is only like an hour or two old,and people are already asking if they should delete entries.

Please…give the CH a break! Most are new to SH and are still figuring the process out. Some have other people who share in the decision making,so they have to let them give input or discuss the entries before rating, some have lives and schedules and can’t immediately rate.
So asking the first day is premature.

Now if a contest has been going on for days or longer,with little or no ratings…then it is probably ok for one person to inquire politely…but lets please don’t overwhelm the CH out of the starting gate.

Just food for thought…thanks.


Never OK to ask that - I got a warning from SH for asking that a few times in the past. We must understand that contest holders: a) might not have the actual time to study all entries carefully during the few days the contest is active (I do work with some clients directly for naming projects and I sometimes wait for weeks to get some feedback, even if I only propose 10-50 names; it even happens to not even get a feedback at all- just a ‘‘thank you’’ and the payment); b) might not have a very good definition of what they’re after and they get a clearer view about it only after the contest ends and they study all entries; c) already get enough support from SH. What I think we could do is to try more to engage the contest holders in positive conversations(if they have the time and they’re open for it) and try to get as much details as possible about their preferences. I admit that usually I’m too lazy to do that too :slight_smile: but it annoys me to see contests close to end with no public communication at all (and there’s so many things we could ask, even in cases of detailed briefs).


What bothers me lot about asking this question is that the CH probably has no idea why people are asking the question and because it is often the ONLY type of conversation anyone has with the CH at all. I really wish SH would not allow it. It feels cheesy and unprofessional. I don’t think it is ever an appropriate question. I know it is because of entry limits and people are frustrated by that. But it is best to move on from a contest where the CH is not rating anything and just watch for their public comments if any.


I WAS LIKE AM I THE ONLY ONE THINKING THIS… Lately this is happening in contests that are still in the early entry timeframe… like what the what.


:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: what the what of what


The people that do it, are probably not here reading this, you should just report it.


I thought we weren’t allowed to ask a ch, if our entries could be deleted. That’s what I was told by SH staff. It’s against the policy. And people still asking? Go figure!