Feels Like a Ghost Town

Is it just me, or have things slowed down considerably in the Forum?

Has everyone left the site and didn’t bother to tell me?

Feeling kind of lonely. :face_holding_back_tears:


True dat, my friend.
SH does all of their interactions on Twitter/X and doesn’t respond here at all. I feel we are all pissing in the wind here. Except to say: I appreciate you, Alrwirtey! I miss the friendship here.
TBH I miss the old Sh. But they seem to be out of our league now?


Ditto to both of you. And I am looking at well over 3 years since I have won a single contest and never ever see a cha-ching. So my talents here are dwindling, there are other sites where a creative might actually win a contest or two.
It is lovely to see you both though, I hope everyone is well. :sunflower:


@LorinsEggshells - 3 years??!! :hushed:

Yikes, I remember when SH was “young,” you were always one of the TOP winners. :anguished:


Those were the good ole days. Much seems to have changed at SH.


Hello All :hugs: was wondering the same thing!! I love looking through the contestants in a contest and recognising old names, does that make me a bit of a saddo :joy:


No, @whiteisland - Not at all - Seems like a lot of the “old-timers” have left the building. :worried:


Lonely Ghost Town GIF


I feel y’all…bit lonely too.Not much going in the winnings circle or even ratings…i just don’t get excited like i used to​:sweat:So much has gotten to tech savvy for me.but i still try here and there.Good to see you all and :wave: to y’all!!!


An old-timers get together around the SH campfire?? :upside_down_face:

I really miss you guys, so I thought I’d stop by.

After seeing contests with thousands and thousands of entries, I just gave up. It seemed futile to me to continue invest the time and work needed to come up with good names when they don’t even get a rating. So I decided I would have a one person pity party. I didn’t invite any of you because you would do your best to cheer me up, and I wanted to stay miserable :grinning:

I see that our fellow older-timers are winning consistently, so I feel a spark of hope! Albeit a small spark.

One of the things, I missed about this forum, was the connection, comradery, and encouragement we all gave each other about the contests. How 'Dan" would sweep in to chat a little bit with us. Our comradery is still here, but now, the focus is all about promoting and selling domains and not contests…

At the beginning, it was exciting as I sold a handful of domains quickly. Then came the tsunami of submitted domains, the massive expansion. No longer was SH a Mom & Pop shop providing contests that, out of the 65ish original people, we all had a good chance of winning the $25 prize money.

So how is everyone??

/pity party


@LauraE - It’s good to hear from another “Old-Timer” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just been chugging along and hoping for at least a “$plit” once in a while. :slightly_smiling_face:

Things have definitely changed and slowed down here - I wonder if our “naming magic” has been replaced by AI altogether? :thinking:

Anyway, let’s stay positive and hope that a ton of startups will need and seek our assistance in 2024. :blush:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :tada:


See? You’re always here to cheer us up! One can’t stay miserable and gloomy when you’re around!
Love you!


@LauraE - Love & Smooches back at ya! :kiss:


Here’s me thinking of brilliant names for each contest