Platinum Tier Pricing

@Grant, thank you for the response.

Regarding “pattern of threats” and “demands for policy exceptions” – I believe this is a mischaracterization of my conduct on the platform.

I am one of the top sellers here. I work extremely hard. I have always conducted myself with integrity and I would appreciate if you’d acknowledge the hard work and positive things I’ve contributed over 5 years rather than making these accusations, which I believe are greatly exaggerated.

To be clear: I am not asking for any exceptions or special treatment.

I am asking you to honor the benefit that all Platinum Tier sellers earned in 2020-2021.

You say the pricing policy has not changed since 2021. I have experienced significant changes. Originally (2020 - 2021), we earned “Total Pricing Flexibility without restriction”. When the language changed around April 2021, the team assured me again and again that nothing was changing:

“We will continue to offer pricing flexibility to our platinum sellers even if it is
beyond the 3X. If you do not see the pricing options in your dropdown, please
contact us via chat and we will adjust the price for you. However, if someone
misuses this benefit (e.g. asking for a $50K price for a recent hand-reg), we
reserve the right to deny the change or restrict their account from future domain

“Nothing has changed in how we implement this benefit. If you have a pricing
request, please feel free to submit and we will likely honor it without any issues.
The wording on the page is to ensure there is no misuse of this policy.”

"As far as I am aware, we have only declined price change requests for
extreme situations. Otherwise there is no change in this policy.”

Throughout 2021 and beyond, I was able to submit pricing requests via chat and get them done instantly.

Now, every request is subject to a review by the SH team, these reviews often take months, and requests are often denied. So there has been a significant change to benefits that Platinum Tier sellers earned, despite reassurances.

Re: the complaint filed – as mentioned above, the inability to set prices as promised is costing me a great deal of money. I wrote to several members of SH leadership regarding this issue, including you, and I did not get a reply. I felt I had no other recourse but to file a complaint.

I don’t understand the need to restrict my account because of this dispute. I bring a great deal of value to the platform, and I have not violated any of your terms of service or guidelines for keeping accounts in good standing. I don’t believe it’s right to punish people based on a respectful disagreement, and I again respectfully request that you reconsider your decision here.

I’ve worked extremely hard to get where I am on SH, and I look forward to resolving this concern quickly and amicably so that we can get back to our productive partnership.

Thank you

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@BrandLander Just my 2c on this situation. I know how it feels when you feel like you’re right and you’re trying to convince someone of that, but eventually, in cases like this, reality has to kick in at some point. I think that after so many back and forth discussions about this issue, you’d be wise to accept the fact that the days of the past are no more (including the exception requests that were likely wasting SH’s time). It’s time to adapt. X3 of the asking price should cover most edge cases for you and if you want to list for a higher price, you have other options.

At this point you’re, as the saying goes, “Cutting off your nose to spite your own face”. Trying to battle SH for so long, and then filing a complaint with the BBB, and still expecting SH to give you what you want is naive. They’ve clearly made their decision about this matter and you’re limited further because of your actions, trying to force their hand. Just accept that things sometimes change, that life isn’t always fair and focus on all the good things SH brings to the table, rather than on this specific thing that’s bothering you. No matter how many domains you’ve sold- they don’t need you. But you seem to need them. So be smart, not right. That’s what I think anyway. I would have sent this to you in private but your profile seems to be hidden. Anyway… I hope things will improve for you. Cheers.


Thanks for your input, @moretal

Losing this benefit hit my wallet pretty hard, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

When we’re told by the marketplace that we’ve earned a benefit, we take those promises to heart. It’s not just words. It’s something we plan our future on. I made some big decisions based on what I thought was a solid promise.

I’m not here to kick up a storm. I do think it’s important to focus on a foundation of trust and fairness. That’s what makes any marketplace not just survive but thrive. I think SH respects these values, which is why I’m bringing this up in hopes of sparking positive dialogue.

Having my account restricted, especially when I’m expressing legitimate concerns over benefits I worked hard for, doesn’t seem to align with the ideas of trust and fairness.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can find a way forward that works for everyone involved, keeping the marketplace buzzing while making sure we all get a fair shake. It’s a chance to strengthen the trust and teamwork that’s key to any business relationship.

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IMO, at this point in time, the only thing you’re doing is beating a dead horse. The dialogue about this has been had. You’ve stated your case many times and have gotten clear and decisive answers many times. Nothing good will come out of this and I find it strange that you think that you can force SH’s hand with a BBB claim while at the same time trying to “spark a positive dialogue”. And also, that you’re surprised that your account is restricted when you’re doing things that can harm the company.

Move some domains elsewhere if you have to, and move on from this matter. For your own good. We aren’t living in a fantasy land where promises are guaranteed to last till the end of the time. This is business. SH decided it had to change a policy, they gave you exclusions for a while, they decided this situation can’t continue, you tried to convince them to keep things the way they were, but now it’s over. They apparently can’t and/or don’t want to keep devoting resources to reviewing price changes they find extreme. It’s unfortunate and in an ideal world, the original policy would have remained, but it is what it is. You put your best case forward but you have to accept reality. It doesn’t matter what decisions you made in the past. Make new decisions. If other domainers can handle this situation, you can handle it too.


Hi @Moretal,

I appreciate your perspective in conveying SH’s side of things, which is valuable for a balanced discussion.

From my viewpoint, the core issue is about promises made and the substantial investments of time and money we make based on those promises.

To put it into perspective, imagine if SH decided one day to change its commission structure dramatically, taking 75% of every sale, after you had invested considerable time and effort to list thousands of domains under a much more reasonable commission structure.

Would you simply accept the new terms and move on, or would you feel compelled to voice your concerns, given the significant impact such a change would have on your investments and future earnings?

I’m genuinely interested in your thoughts. It’s a complex issue, and there’s no easy answer, but I believe these discussions are important for understanding each other and fostering a healthy, supportive community.

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I’m devoting too much time to this, but I’ll quickly say that all of these theoretical discussions aren’t relevant, IMO, because overall, from my perspective, SH is a platform that usually makes fair decisions and is very receptive to feedback and acting upon it, when it makes sense. I’ve been here since probably 2010 and SH overall has been terrific. I asked for some changes in the past. Sometimes SH acted upon the requests. Sometimes they didn’t despite my best efforts.

When something is done that feels wrong, it of course needs to be discussed. You can present your case. You can try to insist that you’re right. You did all of that. Extensively. But eventually you have to realize when you’re shooting yourself in the foot. IMO, you’ve well past that point. Discussing it to death won’t help. Make the smart decision and move on from this matter. And with that… I have to go do other things. But again… I hope things will work out for you. :grinning:


I agree with you – I said from the start that, in general, my experience with the platform has been overwhelmingly positive, and this is a rare case where, in my view, things were not handled appropriately.

That said, based on everyone’s input here, I’ve decided to drop this and move on.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in.