Super Boost not boosting

Beautiful people of SquadHelp, I have tried super boosting my domains several times, spent so much on coins that I am not getting back, yet, I am yet to see any impact.

Is there anything I am missing? cus this is frustrating, more like watering a chinese bamboo tree.

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Sometimes/often boosts don’t work. (Both regular and super boosts). I have talked to SH about this several times. They say that even if it shows no boost in position in your dash, that it has actually caused some change in position. You never know which ones won’t work. You don’t get your coins back. It is very frustrating.

One thing I will say to you, Blue, is try to keep track of when you last boosted and don’t boost two months in a row.


thank you very much for this. I hope Squadhelp will work on this, cus I have listed some domains for sale in the past 4-5 years and haven’t made any sale since then

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