We have chosen a winner

I received a personal message that states “We have chosen a winner thanks for participating”. The CH has not been on in 6 days and my submission was vied but not rated… The contest is closed and finalizing winners. Is this a normal delay? Does it mean I won? Thank you SH.

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Got the same message, probably same contest. No, you haven’t won, CH has selected a winner but has not completed the contest for some reason. It is good to inform the SH via blue button when you have situation like that one, so they can “pause” the contest so creatives don’t waste their time on it.


Thanks for the response. Seems like the site has a few issues to fix…

You will get a message directly from SH if you have won a contest. The CH may be thanking you for your participation, but you can always blue button it if your not sure :slightly_smiling_face: